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Yoni Moon Steam


  • Image of Yoni Moon Steam
  • Image of Yoni Moon Steam

This powerhouse herbal blend works wonders for your Womb. This ancient tradition of steaming our Yoni's has been practiced by Women for centuries and is very calming, empowering and healing. Think of a sauna for your Vagina. This gentle blend is made to help a wide variety of issues as well as ages but not to be used while pregnant or immediately postpartum (it is nursing safe). Once you have healed, you may begin using. If you are looking for something for postpartum to revive and sooth your Yoni, our Soothing Sitz Herbs are where it's at.
Directions: Place 1/4 Cup to 1/2 Cup of herb blend into 8 Cups of water and allow to slowly boil for 5 minutes. Let infuse for another 5-10 minutes. Squat over bowl (not touching the water and not scalding yourself with steam). You can also place the bowl in a clean toilet and sit there if more comfortable. Cover your lower half with a blanket or towel to allow the steam to stay and enjoy for at least 20 minutes.

Ingredients: Rose, Chamomile, Calendula, Nettles, Lavender, Red Clover, Peppermint (All Organic Ingredients). 2.5 oz packaged in a vegetable cello bag.

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